TEDxSRCSAW was Established in 2021 with an initiative that grew out of a desire and willingness to share stories and ideas worth sharing and to spark meaningful conversations. TED is a nonprofit organization that promotes ideas through speeches that are usually brief (18 minutes or less) but extremely impactful. Founded at the intersection of technology, entertainment, and design, TED now offers talks in more than 100 languages on practically any subject imaginable, from business to global challenges.

The purpose of TEDxSRCSAW is to educate and inspire young people to consider their hidden abilities and discover their true potential. With this society, we hope to foster some creative thinking and pique people's interest in subjects that go beyond their immediate environment. This society seeks to serve the audience with motivation, inspiration, and a platform to witness zealous speakers who are doing cutting-edge work across numerous causes.


  • Tedx Society seeks to deliver events with a variety of subjects and voices from other fields in instill varied knowledge in our audience.
  • Tedx society members will have first-hand experience in organizing a professional event, preparing them for the future.
  • By assisting in the society of events within our communities, Tedx Society hopes to create a platform for motivated individuals who want to share new technology, new ideas, or start new discourses.
  • Members of TEDx will have access to the most prominent community in the world, providing them an advantage over others in the future.