Girl Up Nayaab

Girl Up Nayaab is the Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women chapter of the United Nation Foundation's initiative ‘Girl Up’ which works for the empowerment of women through action, advocacy and awareness. Girl Up through UNF has developed the leadership skills of 58,000 girls via 3,300 Clubs in nearly 120 countries, inspiring a generation of girls to be a force for gender equality and social change. It is a dedicated team of students with diverse specializations, providing quality service for the upliftment of women community.

Girl Up Nayaab is new club who is keen on making a change and make the world a better place for women of all strata. Throughout the year, they will be targeting various issues likehealthcare, legal rights, sanitation issues, disability stereotypes and many more, through online webinars, fundraisings, public campaigns and on-ground events.

Various workshops and seminars are marshaled to deal with the problems of the new world. The society has organized drives to donate sanitary pads, books, stationeries and other basic necessities required by girls. One on one sessions are also held with medical professionals, to draw attention to emerging and rising Female health issues. The instagram page of society also keeps on regularly posting about relevant current affairs, themes prejudiced by society and much more.

Some Future Endeavors-

  • Comprehensive care and awareness campaigns to shed light on un-discussed topics
    like anemia, workplace stress, disabilities, women rights etc.
  • Combating poor nutrition amongst underprivileged women and children.
  • Providing education regarding menstruation and sex education to all students.
  • Making the physical surroundings specially-abled friendly.
  • Normalize visiting Gynecologists amongst adolescent girls.