A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and a healthy body requires healthy nutrition. Therefore, a fundamental understanding of food and nutrition and a platform to celebrate the varied ways in which food exists in our culture is required for our students and faculty alike. The college students started Aahaar, the Food Society in the year 2021. This society will serve to make people aware of thevarious aspects of food and provide a channel for students to come together and sharetheir love, knowledge, and awareness regarding food, which is a very essential part of Indianculture. Food and nutrition play an essential role in not only the physical but also the mental and social well-being of a person. Food is more than just a basic requirement, it also has emotional importance and, thus, acts as a link between people, cultures, states, and countries. Good food relieves stress and improves the mental health of a person, resulting in a healthier mind and a happier heart.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to bring together students who love food, have a passion for cooking, want to know more about food and a balanced diet, want to learn the etiquette of eating, and wish to participate in fun activities related to food.
  • The society aims to sensitize the college students, staff members and society towards the various important aspects of food in the rapidly changing environment, with respect to food safety, food processing, food laws, packaging, and labelling legislations, etc.
  • The society will organize various events which will encourage the students to actively participate and explore their love for cooking and for food.
  • Our society aims to nurture healthy cooking habits which will help students lead a strong and healthy life.
  • Our members will be able to experience new cultures through food.
  • Our society will give foodies a channel to explore their passion.
  • The society will also provide a platform for the students to share their foodie innovations.
  • We also aim to work for the betterment of society and help the impoverished and vulnerable groups through food drives and by providing them with crucial information about health and diet.

Our vision

Our society will work towards unifying the students through their common love for food, and encourage healthier eating habits, nurture creativity and innovation. We embrace the importance of teamwork and unity and strive to work together for the health and the social well-being of the students and society. Some topics we wishto cover

  • Changing scenario of the food processing industry
  • Visits to food industries (physical or virtual, as the situation permits)
  • Institute-industry interactions
  • Benefits of good nutrition in the time of the pandemic
  • Millennials: the food trendsetters
  • Food and Indian culture
  • Spices and their origins
  • Transforming fast food into healthy food
  • Foodie innovations
  • Indians and the obesity epidemic
  • The low-carb diet craze
  • Food loss and waste
  • Food drives
  • Eating with our eyes: the visual appeal of food
  • Food and nutraceuticals
  • Food photography
  • Food and psychology
  • How food affects mental health