Ahaarya is the official dance society of Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences For Women.

The meaning of Ahaarya is ‘a way to express’. The society was founded on 21st May 2014 with just 10 members and now has a legacy of over 35 members. The society has been associated with the best dance clubs and the members are trained by renowned artists like Aastik Tewtia, Sangram, Rakshit Arora, Gaurav Rawat, Abhibhav Sharma, Yogi Verma, Kunal Shrivastava. Ahaarya isn’t just a dance society but a beautiful golden platform that not only provides great opportunities in the field of dance but also helps its members to learn various other skills and valuable lessons of life.

Ahaarya identifies the talent in the individual and nurtures it to make the individual a better and confident version of oneself. The society has organized and participated in a number of inter college and inter departmental events where the members have showcased their talents and have won several prizes and accolades. Ahaarya lets its unique awesomeness and positive energy inspire confidence in its members. Ahaarya surely is a temple of learning, field of happiness, source of good vibes and a lantern of optimism.