Innovation Projects


Year 2015-2016

S.No. Innovation Projects Grant
1 Synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles for tumour treatment 5 Lakhs
2 Group based coordination for information exchange in ad-hoc networks 4.5 Lakhs
3 Transition metal based spinel oxide-graphene nanoribbon composites for removal of pesticides from water 5 Lakhs
4 Impact of behavioural addiction to use of gadgets on physical and mental health 3.5 Lakhs
5 Health Buddy-Android based mobile application totrack nutritional intake of young college students. 4 Lakhs
6 Bioactive component quantification and inhibitory activity of Murraya Koenigii (Curry leaf) extracts against key enzymes linked to the pathology and complications of type 2 diabetes 6 Lakhs
7 Design, Synthesis and evaluation of antidiabetic activity of substituted alkylcarboxylic acid derivatives as GPR40 agonists 7.5 Lakhs
8 Mobile phone based attendance app: an innovative approach towards futuristic e-colleges 3.5 Lakhs
9 Assessment and co-relation of air quality index of east Delhi region with vital respiratory parameters of adolescent population. 6 Lakhs
10 Biochemical evaluation of sprouted fenugreek seeds for neutraceutical management of type-2 diabetes using in vitro assays 5 Lakhs
11 Complexity of repeat sequences in differential genomes of plant/animal infecting viruse 3.5 Lakhs
12 Unravelling the genetic basis of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) 6 Lakhs
13 Isolation and characterization of halotolerant bacteria from saline environments and study the effects in wheat seedlings 6 Lakhs
14 Development of Garden-bot: An automatic irrigation system sensing soil moisture content using self made sensor for efficient use of resources and optimum flow of water in the fields. 5 Lakhs
15 Low cost eco friendly Solar Inverter - A standalone solar power system for households 5 Lakhs

Year 2013-2014

S.No. Innovation Projects Grant
1 Mutation analysis of PPARγ, ABCC8, KCNJ11 and CALPN10 genes in type 2 diabetes patients in India 7 Lakhs
2 Antimicrobial studies of size and shape dependent silver nanoparticles on microbes responsible for food decay 7.5 Lakhs
3 Development of e-resources on standard procedure of operation and applications of important electronic devices used by undergraduate science students 5 Lakhs
4 Synthesis & characterization of silver nanoparticles and their role in 8 Lakhs
5 Effect of Anemia on academic performance of under graduate students of East Delhi Colleges 4.5 Lakhs

Year 2012-2013

S.No. Innovation Projects Grant
1 An Assessment of consumer’s exposure to pesticides in conventional vegetables sold with the “organic “tag in Delhi- NCR region, India 10 Lakhs