Philyra, is the group of different individuals who share a common passion and love for music and strive to explore the world of music with immaculate intentions.


the Indian Music Society of Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women has been the sole of college since 2011, the year it was born. This society acts like an adhesive, binding everyone to classical music. The members are different in their own ways, however, one thing that makes them a single team and a family, is there love for Indian classical music. The society promises to its members, an experience of true college life. the society also gives you a first hand experience of the various functions taking place in the college starting from Freshers party, Rajguru day, Diwali Mela, the annual College fest Karwaan etc. Moreover, the team has taken part in several classical choir competitions, held in various colleges and has prepared several classical compositions, using different ragas, throughout the years. The most recent being, a beautiful combination of ragas Ahir Bhairav,Kedar and Bhairavi.
The society, not only, provides its members with a platform to showcase their skills, but also their character. It teaches hard work, teamwork and above all faith in oneself.

Western Society

As the Western society of SRCASW just got formed last year, all of the members were quite the beginners. They had to learn quite a lot on their own, had to get the hang of things on their own, but they didn't have any reason to get demotivated. There weren't many opportunities given to them to perform in the beginning because as mentioned earlier they were still in their rudimentary stage. But when they did get them, they made sure to do their best and most of all to have each and everyone else's back. The second year members of last year had a crucial part in the formation of the society, If it hadn't been for them, the society would've never even see the light. Many jams sessions, sound machine sessions used to get conducted so as to polish everyone's skills. All of the new members got to learn a lot from their senior members. An instructor was hired after some time to help the members get through their composition. The composition formation phase was an ambivalent one for everyone. It was hard for many of them, but they all stick through as the thought that had them going on was to represent their college on stage. The instructor, Ms Tyesha Kohli, was more than a teacher for everyone. She was a source of motivation and inspiration for all of them.
Within all the resources the western music society of srcasw were provided, the members brought the best of everything. They have finally started to carve a path for themselves.