“It takes a great deal of history to produce a little literature.”
- Henry James

Established in 2013, Inklings, the Literary Society of Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women, aims to introduce the members to the vast universe of literature by conducting various interactive programs in the campus throughout the year. The main focus of the society is to bring forth all the orators and writers, and exhibit their creative and expressive side throughmarvellous productions, where apart from their due recognition they also get a chance to enhance their skills. The members of the society, since its commencement, have participated in various different competitions and have brought laurels to the society. Inklings is well-recognised amongst literary circles. As it has been argued and established, literature cannot be separated from the society that produces it; it is produced to serve the society. Keeping that in mind, Inklings organises a number of events like conferences, writing competitions, open mics, debates and reading circles throughout the year.

The work done by the society and its achievements are published every year in its annual newsletter, the Inkflash.


Quintessence is the annual literary fest of SRCASW, and has been organised by Inklings for the past four years. Various competitions are organised during this fest, and a large footfall is witnessed with participation of students from colleges across Delhi/NCR and beyond.


Eloquentia is the event held by Inklings during Karvaan, the cultural fest of SRCASW. It attracts a large number of literary enthusiasts to the fest, and again, participation is seen by students from many colleges.

Furthermore, the annual college magazine ‘AAKRITI’ has merged with Inklings. It is more than just a magazine to exhibit the potential, talents and achievements of the students and teachers and the vision of our college. It is that gratifying moment where our teachers and students take pride in their hardwork and cherish their fruits of sincerity of the year that has gone by. With the expansion of Inklings, our potential, too, has multiplied and we expect to reach greater heights. In addition to that, the magazine also contains the literary and various artistic contributions made by the members of the Rajguru family.