SigmaPi: The Statistics Society instructs people in everything from fundamental addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to intricate statistical problems, guiding them from novice to expert and offering guidance and support along the way.

SigmaPi is a society dedicated to summation, simulation, and collaborative learning. It offers a platform for members to explore and apply statistical models in real-world scenarios. The society also encourages dynamic discussions, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Members participate in hands-on workshops, ranging from basic concepts to advanced techniques, to gain practical experience in applying statistical methods.

The society also hosts data analysis competitions, allowing members to showcase their statistical prowess. Members can also benefit from exclusive talks by guest speakers, providing valuable insights into the application of statistics in various industries.

SigmaPi also aims to provide research opportunities, allowing members to contribute to the evolving field of statistics. The society is an inclusive community where diverse perspectives enrich the learning experience.

Our speakers, renowned experts in their respective fields, will navigate us through a diverse range of topics, each highlighting how statistics influence and are influenced by global agenda.

We will embark on an intellectual journey, delving into the intricate web of data and numbers that underpins the G20's decisions.