Pravridhi Eco Club

PRAVRIDHI- the Environment Society (EcoClub) of Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for the Women begun in 2005 by a group of teachers and active students. It is a part of National Green Corps national program under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, 2001.Pravridhi’s mission is to create and incorporate the concepts of environmental awareness and sustainable development through various activities in and around the college. It recognizes the significance and the pivotal role of the students and youths in safeguarding future sustainability to improve the environment. The society conducts various activities, workshops and interactive sessions that help students in understanding local issues in the global context. Moreover, it aims to instila deeper thought process in finding the solutions to the local problems. We aim to increase the participation and inculcate deep interest in the students towards the environment. It is a forum that provides a platform to the young budding environmentalists for open discussions, interactions and debates on every environmental aspect. The society actively participates and involves itself in eco-campaigns and drives organized by the Government and Non-governmental organizations. The society has effectively built and manages the Herbal Garden that harbours more than 20 different species of different medicinal plants and herbs in the college.

PRAVRIDHI ensures to promote the concept of sustainable development through various projects in the college's infrastructure by adopting Green Policy under the AEGIS of IQAC. The Green Policy Document ensures that SRCASW maintains and follows its objective of creating an eco-friendly environment as per India's guidelines and objectives. GREEN BRIGADE, a dedicated group of students and teachers, ensures the Green Policy's effective functioning.

Pravridhi-organizes tree plantation drives every year in and around the college with local participation. It celebrates different occasions (world environment day, earth day, ozone day, tiger day etc.) and an annual eco fest. The students of society have represented their colleges in various state and national-level events. With its remarkable initiative towards plantation and greenery, the college has been awarded the – Green Award by Delhi Government, 8th March 2017.The society regularly organizes talks and interactive sessions by noted environmentalists, researchers, policymakers like Dr J P Sharma, Sri Chandi Prasad Bhatt, MrVijay Dhasmana, MsLatikaNath, Pravridhi- has a strong conviction for bringing out the positive changes in society and nation by tapping the potential reservoir present in youths and the students. It thus creates a medium towards building a healthy and stable society.