As the name suggests, Project Pehchaan rejuvenates one’s path of being. It intends to establish itself as an environment-friendly fashion brand built by stories of success and struggle. It aims to transform the lives of the people of the LGBTQIA+ community and ensure their sustainable growth. To make our beneficiaries more adroit we conduct skill development programs that are; organised to teach them new skills that they can further devise to earn a living along with several recreational activities. Events are organised for the beneficiaries, like photography workshops, mental health checkups, and field visits with the team.

Under the umbrella of Project pehchaan, we have two established brands, Sehej and Kashida.


Sehej is a multi-layered, synchronised endeavour which aims to empower the LGTBQIA+ community and simultaneously combat the dismal performance of nutritional and health indicators of the country. The beneficiaries manufacture delicious and 100% preservative and chemical-free food products viz jam (3 flavours) and millet-based cookies.


Kashida- HandSewn stories, under the umbrella of Project Pehchaan, aim to revitalise and empower underprivileged women by training them in skills related to clothing and jewellery accessories from textile waste which is stocked through collection drives.


Project Sugavya is the second project under the umbrella of Enactus Rajguru. The name ‘Sugavya’ literally translates to "good from a cow”, thus creating a selection of products, produced by cow-dung to bring out the essence of genuineness and creativity. We have collaborated with Gaushala, Shree Jee Gausadan. Our skills, ideas, and activities help our beneficiaries maximise their resources and marketability. The products under this project are Gaumay Diyas, Gaunyl (Phenyl made of cow urine), Jaivik Khaad, Glass Cleaner, and Cow dung cakes. Products that are included under this project are eco-friendly and help in sustainable growth of the ecosystem, while reducing carbon emission.


Under this project, the team produces fresh chemical-free, delicious, and protein-rich Mushrooms. In the era where food adulteration is at its peak, we ought to stand out and restore the integrity of healthy and natural food via this initiative offering authentic products to customers. GreenHaven comes across as a mega solution project aimed at minimising pollution by using agricultural residue to cultivate mushrooms, promoting public health, remodelling the agriculture industry and providing a stable source of additional income for the jobless migrant workers. The beneficiaries are enlightened about the techniques used in mushroom cultivation and its marketing prospects. The product line under Green haven is Black Oyster mushrooms, King Oyster mushrooms, Button mushrooms, Pink Oyster mushrooms, Blue Oyster mushrooms, and Yellow Oyster mushrooms.