Department of Financial Studies

Since its commencement in 2017, the Department of Management and Financial Studies has been dedicated to its vision of being a pioneer in nurturing next generation leaders and change agents strongly rooted in eternal values, fostering excellence in all fields of society. With ardor and devotion we provide our students with a dynamic and diverse environment with a sublime exposure to new innovative ideas and intellectual transformation. There are 2 courses that are covered under the umbrella of this department:- Bachelor in Management Studies (BMS) and Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis) [BBA(FIA)].

The Department has a mission of:-

  • Expanding the realm of knowledge and education within and beyond the curriculum.
  • Developing, nurturing and enabling the potential of future global citizens as leaders, reformers and trailblazers.
  • Contributing towards excellence in leadership, financial and management education to ensure its relevance to the needs of society and people around.

The programmes currently running under CBCS Mode (for Third Year) & LOCF Mode (For First and Second Year).

Name Designation Detail
Ms. Sanjana Monga Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Mr. Amit Kumar Aggarwal Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Mr. Subhash Manda Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Ms. Dimpy Handa Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Ms. Juhi Jham Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Ms. ShipraMathur Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Ms. MuskanKaur Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

The students are elected for the following posts:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Joint-Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Cultural-Secretary
  • Joint Cultural-Secretary
  • Editor

Every Year the department organises is Annual Technical Fest- Iidaira, which is a culmination of various activities, games, and informative sessions on topic like ‘Vision of India: 2047’ and fun events like stand-up comedy etc. This fest is attended by over 2500 students from various colleges of Delhi and Delhi NCR.

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