The Department of Biochemistry was established since the inception of the college i.e.1989, as a supporting department which was catering to the needs of all the departments ie Food Technology, Instrumentation and Electronics. Effective July 2017 Department of Biochemistry has been established as a full fledged independent department offering an Honours Degree course.


  • To achieve recognition as a department of excellence, offering high quality education and inculcating scientific aptitude in the students.
  • To inspire students for research in Life sciences, Modern medicine, Biotechnology, Immunology , Pharmacognosy and many other allied fields.
  • To provide value based education through social activities.
  • College is committed to the pursuit of excellence in higher education, character building, total development of personality and responsible citizenship.


  • To promote effective and self sustaining research programs so as to develop strong essence of innovation among faculty and students
  • To become an educational institute which is recognized for its diversity, talent in science and technology and zeal to promote valuable
  • To provide resources to continually improve education for undergraduates in order to prepare new generations of scientists who can take on any challenge in vast variety of fields.
  • To enhance service to the community and the university by providing appropriate expertise and leadership in scientific and technological areas
  • To become a resource center for information and education.
  • To facilitate the process by which new research results are transferred to companies to stimulate economic development.
  • To gain a broader perspective of biochemistry-related issues by stimulating interaction among the allied disciplines.

The Department of Biochemistry is Currently Running B.Sc. (Hons.) Biochemistry under CBCS Mode (for Third Year) & LOCF Mode (For First and Second Year).

The department is situated on the ground floor in academic block. Biochemistry lab is well equipped with basic and advanced instruments ranging from weighing balance , PH metre to UV and visible spectrophotometer and refrigerated centrifuges,, Protein and DNA Gel running systems, Protein analysis systems, basic chromatography equipments and Microscopes to perform all kinds of experiments required for the curriculum of undergraduate students of Biochemistry The lab is also involved in conducting research in the form of innovation projects.

The Department has a duly elected Departmental council named “Vinculum” with following office bearers

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Cultural secretary

Projects Completed:

INNOVATION PROJECT (2015-2016) Biochemical evaluation of sprouted fenugreek seeds for nutraceutical management of type 2 diabetes by in vitro methods, Grant Received Amount: Rs 5 LAKH

Dr. Daya Bhardwaj, Dr. Punita Saxena and Dr. Sadhna Jain, Effect of anemia on the academic performance of undergraduate students” (Project code SRCA101)” Delhi University under the Vice Chancellor’s Innovation Project scheme 2013-2014 (Amount :4.5 Lakh )