Manual - 1

Particulars of Organization, Functions and Duties


Objective/purpose of the public authority.

The main aim of the courses for the degree of Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Electronics, Instrumentation and Food Technology is to provide broad based interdisciplinary training to the students. It covers various aspects of physical as well as biological sciences. The main idea is to familiarize a student with the basic sciences such as Physics, Chemistry Biology and Mathematics and then to provide more specialized training. The college may also introduce and teach other applied sciences courses as well. It will further try to undertake postgraduate as well as research programme in the various fields of study when the College of Applied Sciences may think it fit.


Mission / Vision Statement of public authority.
To provide opportunities or women towards the development of their faculty in the various fields so that they have the technical know-how.

To prepare women student to carry out work in the field of Electronics, look after the electronics gadgets, by providing training.

To prepare women students in the field of Instrumentation so that trained persons are available to maintain, repair and build or fabricate new instruments, by providing technical training.

To educate and prepare women students as Food Technologists.

The College may add other courses if it feels desirable, for diffusion of knowledge with the approval of appropriate authority.

To establish linkages between the College, R & D organization and other Universities/institutions of higher education for teaching and research programs.

To enrich mental, spiritual, cultural and physical potentialities of the students.


Brief history of the public authority and context of its formation.

Upon approval by Government of India the College was started in 1989 under aegis of Delhi Administration. The college is 100% funded by Govt. of NCT of Delhi and approved under section 2F of the University Grants Commission. The main idea behind opening the college was to create employment opportunities for women. Keeping this in view the college was located at the outskirts of Delhi to attract women candidates belonging to poor and middle class society and make them economically independent. The college has been providing quality service to the society by imparting professional education.


Duties of the public authority.

To impart education in Applied Sciences, Computer Science and Bio-medical Science.


Main activities/function of the public authority.

To impart education in Applied Sciences, Computer Science and Bio-medical Science. As part of curriculum the students of IInd Year and IIIrd Year under go eight weeks training during summer vacations. In addition the students are given comprehensive practical training related to the subject


List of services being provided by the public authority with a brief write-up on them.

Quality teaching – The college has got competent faculty to provide quality teaching to the students. The college also has got infrastructure available to cater to latest developments related to subject and the faculty is competent enough to make best use of that.

Mentoring and counseling – Keeping in view the changing scenario, mentoring and counseling is provided wherever needed by the faculty to the students of the college.


Organizational Structure Diagram at various levels namely State, directorate, region district, block etc (whichever is applicable).


Expectation of the public authority from the public for enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency.

To maintain decorum, law and order in and around the college.


Arrangements and methods made for seeking public participation/contribution.

Right to Information Act 2005.


Mechanism available for monitoring the service delivery and public grievance resolution.

Right to Information Act 2005.


Addresses of the main office and other offices at different levels. (Please categories the addresses district wise for facilitating the understanding by the user)

Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women,
(University of Delhi),
Jhilmil Colony, Vivek Vihar,


9.00 a.m.

Closing hours of the office:
5.30 p.m.