Faculty Achievements

" Dr. Lakshmi Pasricha Sarin published a research article titled “ Characterisation of a Spontaneous Mutant of Lemna gibba G3 (Lemnaceae)” in “Plants” "

" Dr. Richa Sharma and Dr. Rekha Mehrotra published an article titled "Keratinase Of Bacillus Subtilis N-49: A Novel Strain Of Indian Origin Possessing Potential To Enhance Transungual Drug Delivery " in International Journal of Biology, Pharmacy and A "

" Prof. Jasjeet Kaur published an article titled "Forensic importance of toolmarks evidence: A review " in International Journal of Medical Toxicological and Legal Medicine "

" Dr. V A Pratyusha co-authored a book titled “The textbook of Nutritional Biochemistry” published by Springer Nature "

" Dr. V A Pratyusha published an article titled “Water Nutriture: Essential but Misunderstood” in Current Nutrition and Food Science "