The Department of Psychology has been established in the year 2017.


The Psychology Department endeavours to prepare students for their professional journeys in the dynamic, diverse and ever-growing field of Psychology.


  • To foster in students the skills and attitudes needed to be competent and socially sensitive psychologists including a self-reflexive attitude, critical thinking, empathy and a respect for individual differences.
  • To provide the students with a solid theoretical learning base, integrated with a strong impetus on developing practical skills.
  • To encourage an atmosphere of debate and discussion while nurturing in young minds, an appreciation of new and varied perspectives on forces that interact to shape the human psyche.

The Department of Biomedical Science is Currently Running B.Sc. (Hons.) Biomedical Science Under CBS Mode.

In this course students learn about the history of the discipline, its theoretical foundations and its numerous branches including Clinical Psychology, Counselling, Child Development, Bio-psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Media Psychology, Research and Training and Human Resource Management.

The Department has two well equipped labs at present: Analytical lab and Research lab. The labs are fully equipped with the latest materials that enable the students to conduct new and innovative experiments and tests in the field of Psychology. There are 25 laptops in the lab with Wi-Fi internet connectivity for students to conduct experiments and to access web for academic purposes.

The Department has an academic society named as PSYMENTIA- a window to Psyche, Mind and Conscientia. The society was inaugurated on August 29, 2017 and had its first event on ‘Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships’. The second event organized by the psychology society- PSYMENTIA-was an open house and interactive session on suicide prevention awareness on September 14, 2017.

The event was named after the theme of world suicide prevention day for the year 2017- Take a Minute, Change a Life. The event witnessed a huge audience of approx. 350 students.

Further information about the activities of the Departmental Society can be accessed from

The Department has office bearers for the effective and smooth functioning of academic society on the posts of:

  • President
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer

The Department thus provides an enriching environment to students for engagement in academic activities and beyond.