Manual - 3

Procedure followed in Decision Making Process


What is the procedure followed to take a decision for various matters? (A reference to Secretariat Manual and Rule of Business Manual, and other rules / regulations etc can be made)

Calendar (the Act, Statutes and Ordinances) Volume 1 and 2 of University of Delhi.


What are the documented procedures / laid down procedures / Defined Criteria / Rules to arrive at a particular decision for important maters? What are different levels through which a decision process moves?

As per the procedures contained in above document.


What are the arrangements to communicate the decision to the public?

No such arrangement exists.


Who are the officers at various levels whose opinions are sought for the process of decision - making?

As per the procedures contained in above document.


Main activities/function of the public authority.

To impart education in Applied Sciences, Computer Science and Bio-medical Science. As part of curriculum the students of IInd Year and IIIrd Year under go eight weeks training during summer vacations. In addition the students are given comprehensive practical training related to the subject


Who is the final authority that wets the decision?

As per the procedures contained in above document.


Please provide information separately in the following format for the important matters on which the decision is taken by the public authority.