College Clubs & Societies


Student Societies

The college student council comprises of various posts such as President,Vice President,cultural secretary,joint secretary,secretary and treasurer selected using election. The college student council is responsible for coordination and management of various cultural activities. There are nine cultural societies namely Ahaarya : The Dance Society, Elvira: The Fine Arts Society, Esprit: The Sports Club, Glamfire: The Fashion Society, Inklings:The Literary Society, Mukhauta: The Dramatics Society, NSS :National Service Scheme, Philyra: The Music Society, Shuffleshots: The Photography Society.

This society has been actively participating in a wide variety of categories like western group dance, duet dance, solo classical dance etc. They have participated in many inter college festivals and won positions in various colleges and brought laurels to college.

Glamfire has a group of fashion and designing enthusiasts. Students of this society participated in fashion shows on various themes and won best attire, best Revlon model, best design etc. in inter college competition.

Mukhauta, aims at showcasing and bringing to light the discrepancies created and faced by the society through its street performances, The society has performed Nukkad Natak at the prestigious National School of Drama and Sri Ram Centre .The team has covered over 25 College events with an impressive track record of winning various positions in 10 of these events.

Shuffleshots is an emerging society of the college with camera in hands & creativity in minds, all the members are on the go. Their indefatigability has a very promising future for the photography club. The society has the record of participation in various photography events and won the positions in colleges.

Inklings hosts a number of events each year like conferences, writing competitions, debates and reading circles and won positions in group discussion, best interjeetor, best speaker awards in various colleges.

Elvira, the Fine arts society, participated in various colleges for events like Rangoli making, Diya Decoration, Poster Making, Card Making, handscape, trash craft rangoli and jwellery making from e waste etc. and won positions.

Philyra perform and participate in various events like Duet Singing, Group Singing for different colleges and bring with themselves a lot of appreciation and credit. Members have also done studio recording for commercial purposes.

Esprit, the sports club, was formed by the sports enthusiasts of the college. Sports Day was organized with various events like race, relay, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Tug of war, Three Leg Race. The Sports society has participated in inter college yoga competition and was appreciated.