Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry conducts B.Sc.


programmeconsistingofsixsemesters. Thedepartmentis located on the ground floor and has three well- equipped laboratories including a research laboratory.Thelaboratoriescatertothreebroad branches of chemistry viz. inorganic, organic andphysicalchemistry. Thelaboratoriesalso cater to the chemistry papers of other departments. Several research projects includingInnovation projects have been carried outintheresearchlaboratory.

The labsare wellequippedwith various instruments like uv-vis spectrophotometer, electronicbalances,centrifuge-microprocessor based, 16,000 rpm, magnetic stirrers with hot plate, vortex shaker, rotary vacuumpumps, digitalpHmeter,digitalandelectricmeltingpoint apparatus,distillationunits,fumehoodetc.

Students of the department actively participate in various extracurricular activities and are members of different societies. Besides, time to time they attend national level conferences and seminars to keep themselves abreast in various recent innovations and developments in the field.

The Department has a vibrant chemical society “Alchemy” where students and teachers interact beyond classroom. The society organizes popular lectures on regular basis to enrich its members with latest developments across the globe.