Department of Biomedical Science

Department of Biomedical Science

Biomedical Science is the application of biology based science for medical use. B.Sc (H) Biomedical Science is a three year undergraduate degree programme that was started in Shaheed Rajguru of Applied Sciences for Women in 2005. The main objective of the course is to provide latest hands on training in a wide range of medically related disciplines including human physiology, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, pathology and microbiology etc.

The course work is designed to make it an interdisciplinary field which is required for current research hence subjects like bioinformatics, biophysics, toxicology, statistics, biotechnology, computational biology and medicinal chemistry are also included in the curriculum. The Department has state of the art laboratory facility with latest equipment including thermocycler, UV spectrophotometer, gel electrophoresis units, centrifuges, incubators, shakers, autoclaves, and rotary vacuum, laminar flows which make the learning experience worthwhile and helps in the better understanding of the subjects.

The Biomedical Department has students society “CHIMERA” which organises seminars and interactive sessions with eminent scientists, academicians and entrepreneurs to abreast them with latest research in the field. Every year an annual departmental fest" PLEXUS” is also organised to celebrate science in which students are encouraged to discuss and learn about new techniques and happenings in the field of biomedical science.

Biomedical Science Department had also organized two National conferences on “Understanding Mechanisms and Challenges of Complex Diseases” (UMCCD) - 1 & 2. The main objective of seminars, workshops is to encourage overall development of the students along with the academics by providing them opportunities to explore their interests in various fields of research, providing them hands-on training of several important techniques

The Biomedical Science Department faculty is actively involved in research. The department has funding of six DU Innovation projects. This involves participation of undergraduate students in short term research projects. Students are encouraged to do these projects which expose them to exciting field of research. Visits to various reputed research laboratories are also organized by department including RCB, Dabur, ICGEB etc.

The Biomedical Science course equips the students with knowledge and transferable skills necessary for a career in research in both basic and applied sciences. The students graduating from this course are eligible to join pharmaceutical companies and also can pursue higher education in reputed institutes like TIFR, IISC, NII, JNU etc. The course also provides avenues for self-employment such as by establishing a diagnostic laboratory, freelance license inspector for pollution control in industries etc.

The course primarily capitalises on the research-intensive environment which prepare students for career in the rapidly evolving fields of human health and diseases.